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Whitespace gives the WOW factor

In web design, whitespace is anything that isn’t content. Web designers have always loved it, although clients are sometimes less sure. Here are five great reasons why it puts the wow-factor in web design.

1. Legibility

Whitespace around text and images helps visitors read more clearly. That means they’ll keep reading and be able to see where they’re headed. It all makes for a better user experience.

2. Tidiness

Tidiness is good. It makes a great first impression. Whitespace adds elegance and order to a website.

3. Interactivity

White space prevents distractions that can slow down the visitor experience. You can use padding around objects to draw attention to specific site areas.

4. Highlighting

Whitespace can highlight calls to action (CTAs). You might think that the way to draw attention to a page element is to make it bigger. But surrounding it with whitespace can do the job even better.

5. Balance

Not enough whitespace and your pages will look cluttered, confused and disorganised. Visitors would be entitled to draw similar conclusions about your business.

Saying that, go overboard on whitespace and it could suggest a lack of content. As ever, balance is the key in making whitespace a great tool to keep your content organised.

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