We are a professional web design company based in Lancashire. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding web design that delivers maximum return on investment.


Our knowledge and expertise will help you to achieve a professional web presence, keeping your visitors interested and projecting your business in the right light.



Here at CGDESIGN we have designed many successful websites for a broad range of companies and institutions.  The key to our sites is accessibility, we aim to reach the widest possible audience independently of the user’s browser, operating system or connection speed. In addition to creating engaging and well designed websites, we also understand the importance of search engines for any company, and therefore we lay a solid base for search engine optimisation (SEO).


Content Management System?

Web Content Management Systems (CMS) allow clients to create and manage the content of their website from any computer with a broadband connection. It does not require an expert in web programming and design, and once set up will benefit your company in a number of ways.


The main advantages of these systems are; The CMS can grow with your business, and it can be updated to the latest version at a click of a button, without incurring extra cost. In fact, it means that you can manage every aspect of your website whenever, wherever you like, without ever having to contact your web designer to update the content.


Here at CGDESIGN we are able to design and develop a powerful CMS site for you using some of the award winning off the shelf systems (Joomla, Drupal or WordPress). For larger, more complex projects a bespoke CMS may be required suit your needs.


As each CMS is slightly different, it is important to choose and develop the CMS most suited to your project.

Over the years, we have developed sites with many different CMS solutions and we have the skills and knowledge to create a powerful and long lasting website for your company.


In general, the process of creating your CMS website is broken down into these three phases;


  • Front end design and development
  • Plug-in / Widget installation, configuration and customisation
  • Content creation and website testing

Some content management features:


  • Fast loading content
  • Unlimited pages
  • Search engine friendly
  • Google analytics
  • Easy to use HTML editor
  • Media player integration
  • Blogging system
  • Gallery management

Want to learn more?

If you want to upgrade your current site or a start new project get in touch to discuss your requirements. You can call us on 01704 823279 or go to our contact page.