Need more traffic?

The search engines have changed dramtically over the last couple of years. Even the result pages look different. At CGDESIGN we understand SEO. We can improve your position in the natural search, through ethical search engine optimisation. We will target the right keyphrases, work out the best strategy and increase traffic.

Search Engine Optimisation

How can CGDESIGN help you?

We will carry out a review of your website, and then conduct extensive keyword research. Once we have identified the most applicable and achievable keywords, we will work out a strategy for your SEO campaign. Depending on your website and business, some SEO strategies may be more social media driven, whilst others may be purely focused on improving the authority of the domain name.


The next stage is on site SEO development. We will work on all
areas of the website that need addressing, ensuring that the website is completely search engine friendly. Once we have completed the SEO development we will carry out monthly SEO maintenance.


The search engine algorithms are constantly changing, and our monthly work will ensure we continue to increase traffic and improve your search engine rank.