HTML emails are a fantastic way of targeting your business directly at a defined audience. It also allows you to maintain good contact with your existing customers, building customer loyalty, and it is a cost effective solution that brings with it great returns on your investment.


Using email marketing instead of traditional post has numerous benefits: most notable have to be the cost saving (stationary, stamps etc), time saving (almost instant delivery to a preset mailing list) and the measurable results.


How it Works

The process of setting up a successful campaign typically involves:

  • Identifying the main objectives of your campaign
  • Creative design of your email template
  • Setup of analytics that allow us to track the campaigns’ success
  • Integrating a subscription form into your new, or existing site



Your customers will be kept up to date with your latest news and offers on a regular basis, keeping your business in their focus. You can measure how successful any single campaign has been, using sophisticated online reporting systems that allow an in depth level of statistical analysis (analytics).


Here at CGDesign, our years of experience have lead to the creation of numerous successful email marketing campaigns. We are well practiced at targeting these campaigns using the available statistics to get you the results you need.