March 28, 2012#

The Art of SEO

Next time you’re in an art gallery, stop and think for a minute about the thought processes the artist went through when creating the picture you’re looking at. Did they have a plan in their mind before they started slapping paint onto the canvas? Did they have any kind of idea about what the end product would look like? Did they constantly tweak what they were doing as they went along?

The answers to those questions are yes, yes, and yes. And they’re exactly the same questions you should be asking yourself before you start any kind of SEO activity on your site. In fact, SEO is a whole new art in itself, and here’s why:


1) Have a plan

Painting doesn’t just take pure creativity – it takes measured creativity. Creating a masterpiece takes meticulous planning, plenty of sketching, and hours of thinking before the brush goes anywhere near the canvas. It’s the same with SEO; only you’re not deciding on which subject, style and colours you’ll use… you’re deciding on which keywords, meta and title tags, and page structure to put in place.

Think of a web page as your canvas: your meta tags, title tags, other HTML elements, and the copywriting itself become your paint, and it’s how you use them on the page that makes the difference.


2) Visualise your end product

Before creating a new picture, a good artist will likely consider where that painting will eventually hang, and how it will look in – and work with – its surroundings. SEO is no different; each web page you optimise needs to work within its own website and not negatively impact what’s going on around it. Being able to visualise how this happens with internal and external site links, title tags and anchor titles will make a huge difference to how effective your SEO is.

Think of a website as your gallery: your pages within that website become the paintings on the wall, and you need to make sure that they all complement each other.


3) Tweak as you go

Artists don’t just begin painting and then stop once they’ve ticked off all the boxes – they’re constantly tweaking colours, shadows, composition and angles as they go to make sure that their painting is the best it can be. Put simply, if something doesn’t work, they change it. SEO professionals do exactly the same; the entire process is all about constantly monitoring, reviewing and tweaking your SEO practices, content strategy, copywriting, tone of voice, and link building activities to make sure everything looks right and works well in the eyes of your audience.

Think of search engines and actual web traffic as people visiting your gallery: if they don’t like what they see or it’s not relevant to them, they won’t come back!